Today’s home decoration attempt

•November 30, 2013 • 1 Comment

Today’s attempted project – fix curtains so they can be hung in the living room. Hey, it’s only seen 6 months since we bought them :p

Step 1 –  Remove cat from sitting on said curtains, which now have a lovely patch of cat fur. 

Step 2 – Lay curtain panel flat on floor. Put cat in bedroom so that he doesn’t try to help by sitting on the flat curtain panel, causing it to no longer be flat. 

Step 3 – Get tape measurer (hard plastic), measuring tape (soft, different from measuring tape) and stray pins. Close bedroom door.

Step 4 – Measure from ceiling to more or less bottom of wall with tape measurer.

Step 5 – Measure curtains. Discover soft measuring tape is not long enough. Attempt with hard tape measurer. Be happy cat is on other side of a door. 

Step 6 – Pin curtains to desired length. Bring curtains to ironing board.


Step 7 – Notice pungent odor and realize at some point since last usage of said ironing board the cat had pissed on it. Curse the cat’s bad behaviour.  

Step 8 – Remove pins and throw everything in washing machine. Go back into bedroom and notice cat is sitting on the bed. Wonder if he’s mocking me.  

Step 9 – Write blog post because what else am I going to do while waiting for my laundry to be done? 


Happy Things and Song Lyrics for October 29, 2013

•October 30, 2013 • 3 Comments

So instead of bitching about what’s pissing me off today I will revisit 3 happy things and song.

1) I went to the gym on a free trial and remembered what I loved about working out. And wondered why it’s been so long since I’ve gone. 

2) Got a perfect quality score this month, for the second time this year. Friday it will be 3 years at my job. I’ll take that as an accomplishment 🙂 

3) Vacation in 2 1/2 weeks! Vancouver! Decomp! NIN! Family I miss terribly! Friends I miss and can’t wait to see!

Also, my roommate and girlfriend are being all cute on the couch. Awwww

Today’s song popped up during my workout. I love this band. 

The Definition of truth

is lost in the telling

Objectively cold

to an unwilling tide

So who are you now?

Were you wounded by living?

have you buried perspective

screaming inside?

I see the choosers of the fallen

I see the promises they bind


God knows that I am fighting still

each step defining who I am

God knows that fate is armed with arrows

and she watches the battle field


And if I fall give me the strength

to rise unbroken

and where I stand

the courage and will to fight

that when I dream

these eyes discern my purpose and believe

that should I die

self sacrifice becomes this victory


There’s a fragment of me

in the word I’m giving

A doorway is opened

if you listen too long


So who have you dreamed?

with the power of being?

Do you like who you are?

Do you like what you’ve done?



Cruxshadows – Valkyrie

Burning Man writing – my wonderful day (mostly) alone – Wednesday August 28th – Part 1

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I don’t remember how I started the day, or what time I woke up. I’m relatively sure I woke up in my tent; I can’t remember if I was alone. Stealth and I spent Tuesday night adventuring the playa, but the part where night fades into dawn is drawing blank. I might have gone to bed and he stayed awake to greet the sunrise, or in search of more fun. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I think I took a shower. If I took a shower he would have been with me, because I never took a shower by myself, and I think by Wednesday I was due for one. 

Either way, I likely left camp after eating lunch. It was my day, and I was going to go wherever the playa took me. 

I first ended up at Dye with Dignity, where I tie-dyed a silk scarf pink and purple, to match my hair 🙂 They also gave me wine 🙂 A girl in a honeybee costume gave me a honeystick. 

I next found my way to the BRC playground, where I joined 6 other people on big circular swing. There a few other fun things to play on too. Someone gave out stickers. I had lemonade with gin. 

I continued on past the 3 o’clock radial street, then ended up at Honeysuckle Hood, at 2:30 and E. I looked at the workshops schedule. Something called “Fearwalk: Live Your Dreams”  was about to start. I joined.

The start was a bit boring, The guy told a story about a lion cub and his father, how the cub wanted to adventure out but the father cub would say “no, it’s not safe” and the cub ended up getting all full of burrs because he followed the path the father said was safer. Then he talked a bunch about his life and analyzing what keeps people from facing fears. I was starting to get kinda fidgety but was excited to get to the more hands on part of the workshop. Eventually everyone paired off to discuss what they wanted to do if they weren’T so scared. I was paired with a woman named Janice who wanted to travel to Mexico for an art retreat. She’d never travelled before and was scared about not having work. Mine was about leaving my job, but being too scared to start something new because the job I currently have is the longest full time job I’ve had, and after being let go from 2 jobs in under 2 years I’m really scared to be out of work. Putting things into perspective, not working wouldn’t be the end of the world since I do have emergency money and stuff, so why not take the risk and find something new? I wouldn’t leave my current job until I found something else, and there’s no guarantee the job I have now won’t be gone in 3, 6, 12 months. I left the workshop being prepared to go job searching once I left the playa. We exchanged contact info and said we’d keep in other in check with our fearwalks. After the workshop I really needed a smoke and I saw another woman from the workshop doing the same, so i joined her. It was her first burn, in 2010 her daughter went and told her “Mom, you should come,” so this year she did. For her, Burning Man was a bit of fear walk as she’d never experiences anything like it. We talked about where I was, how I was looking at a work change. Somehow the conversation veered off into changing cities, and I mentioned how if I could I’d move to Vancouver to be closer to my brother, SIL and niece. I then realized I probably could do this, considering all the monetary precautions I’ve taken. Not that I’m ready to use my emergencies funds to uproot myself across the country, but the thought has been seeded. 

By this point the weather had cooled off some, so I decided to bike out towards the deep playa and see some art I’d normally see at night. I saw a piece that was a blue wavy sheet with bottles inside and paper inside the bottles, you were supposed to write a note on the paper. I wrote something  on 2 papers, I can’t remember what it was but it probably quite profound at the time, like “you are doing better than you realize”. In the distance I saw another piece so I biked towards it. I could’t tell what it was, but it was calling for me to look at it. As I approached I began to realize what it was, and by the time I reached it there was no question what I was looking at. After 5 burns, this was the first time something (other than the temple) that made me cry. 


It was a faceless, genderless body hanging from a gallows. A suicide effigy. A  note at the base explained  that it would be quietly burned Thursday night. A few Sharpie markers were attached to the piece, and there were notes all over the body and the gallows. I read a few, already knowing what I’d write. I stood back and looked at the piece. I started to cry, the tears leaving clean streaks on my playafied cheeks. Someone with a green bandana over his face came by and hugged me and told me it would be OK.  He left quickly after, and I was alone again. I took a deep breath, took the body’s hand and wrote “I’m sorry” on their hand, just above the knuckles. I took one last look, then rode away, still in shock about what I’d seen.  

(Irony – I put my iTunes on Random and Marilyn Manson’s HolyWood album is playing)

I headed towards the 10 o’clock radial street. I stopped by scared spaces but there wasn’t anything going on that I was interested in, so I left. Stopped by Pink Heart for some cucumber water and shade – I’d been out at that point for several hours and I could feel my camelback was close to being empty. Rode along the Esplanade towards Poly Paradise, stopping a few times along the way. I biked through the tinsel at Comfort and Joy. Passed by Planet Earth and noticed tonight had good music – I would have to stop by later. Stopped by a dance camp near 6:30 because they were playing a Blue Monday remix and there were hoops. Not long after my camelback was empty and the music wasn’t as good, so back to Poly P I went.

To be continued…coming up, more tears, new friends, and my first sunrise on the playa. 




Burning Man writing exercise (x-posted to FB and LJ)

•September 7, 2013 • 3 Comments

In an attempt to write more (how many times do I say that in a year?) I’m repeating my one word post Burning Man writing exercise. Comment with one word, and I will write something on that subject and how it related to the burn for me this year. This will also hopefully help jog my memory, considering I can remember of everything that I experienced.

 I do reserve the right to slightly adapt the word (sex might become sexuality, peace became peaceful), or to get bored at some point and abandon the exercise. 

 You can find some of the stuff I wrote in 2011 here.



Well, I did it.

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I kept saying I was going to, but kept putting it off because I could. Then a deadline came. 1 week. Well, in theory I could sign up whenever I wanted to, until the end of June. But as of in two days from now the price was going to jump, and I was giving myself to that point to piss or get off the pot. Make up my mind. I want this. So I did it.

I signed up for Tough Mudder. July 6th. 

I’m in OK shape, but I need to up my endurance big time. And my upper body and core strength. Also, no more smoking.

So now, the fun part. Training. I plan to run about 3 times a week. I downloaded the C25K program, which seems pretty doable. Between that, biking to and from work, and walking/running during lunch, that should cover my cardio. In addition, I’ve got yoga twice a week on average, plus doing weights at home. I want to get back to climbing too. And swimming.

96 days to go. I can do it!

I’m also looking for teammates, if anyone else has lost their mind feels up for a challenge. Msg/email me if you’re interested. 

Crap, totally forgot what today is. Now no one is going to take me seriously 😦 I should have posted this tomorrow.

Zombie crazy?

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What is so great / why the obsession about zombies? 

i still find vampires sexy. Not the Twilight kind mind you. The characters Zillah and Nothing from Poppy Z. Brite’s Lost Souls did it for me. MMMMMMMMM. 

(I’d write more if I didn’t feel like a family of blowfish are invading my sinuses)

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Today’s WIN was finding a 3/4 full bottle of Kubler Absinthe in my storage locker. That would have had to been in there for at least 2 years. I should go through that locker more often…